Welcome to the 20th International Requirements Engineering Conference

The IEEE International Requirements Engineering Conference series (RE) is the premier international forum for researchers, educators, practitioners and students to present and discuss the latest innovations, trends, experiences and concerns in the field of Requirements Engineering.

RE'12 will be held at the Gleacher Center in downtown Chicago - the "Windy City" - just steps from the Navy Pier and the Magnificent Mile. Chicago is known as a major hub for industry, telecommunications and infrastructure, and has been listed as one of the world's top ten global financial centers.

Chicago: city of blues, starting point of Route 66, home to several world-class Universities and headquarters of some of the world's best-known businesses including Boeing and Wrigley. Situated on beautiful Lake Michigan, Chicago is renowned for its distinctive skyline, five hundred parks, sports, food (home of the deep dish pizza), rich nightlife, and distinctive arts and music scenes.

Important News

Keynote Speakers

Requirements engineering and safety

Speaker: Nancy Leveson, Massachusetts Institute of Technology

Mobile and Agile: Why can't they get along?

Speaker: Steve Fickas, University of Oregon

Is the industry just getting rid of requirements?

Speaker: Chris Rupp, SOPHIST

Call for Papers

When Enrico Fermi withdrew the control rods from Chicago Pile-1 in December 1942, there was some uncertainty about what would happen next. Just as with the first nuclear reactor, complex system development often goes ahead with incomplete knowledge. Sometimes we cannot afford to wait until we know everything we would like to know. Sometimes we need to build the system to find it out.

The theme of RE'12 is how requirements engineers handle uncertainty; uncertainty about customer priorities, run-time contexts likely to be encountered, how the requirements will change over time, and so on. Computer systems are required to operate in increasingly complex business, human, social and physical environments. Characterizing uncertainty and mitigating its effects are key challenges for modern requirements engineering.

We invite papers that address all facets of RE, from elicitation to validation, from formal to informal, from large to small, and across people-centric, business-centric and system- centric viewpoints.

Topics of Interest include but are not limited to:
  • Requirements elicitation, analysis, documentation, validation and verification
  • Requirements specification languages, methods, processes and tools
  • Requirements management, traceability, viewpoints, prioritization and negotiation
  • Modeling of requirements, goals and domains
  • Formal analysis and verification
  • Prototyping, simulation and animation
  • Evolution of requirements over time, product families and variability
  • Relating requirements to business goals, architecture and testing
  • Social, cultural, global, personal and cognitive factors
  • Domain-specific problems, experiences and solutions
  • Requirements in service-oriented environments
  • Software product management (incl. topics such as requirements valuation, requirements for product lines, release planning, road-mapping, product life-cycle management as it pertains to requirements, and market focus).

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